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by Jim Irlam on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham
Championship: Academy 2017

I've had several sessions of coaching with Scott and am very pleased with progress. He is very knowledgeable and gives detailed but easy to understand explanations of what you should be doing. Off track he is an expert with analyzing data to identify areas to work on and where most time can be gained. Scott has helped get me faster on track and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other drivers. I'm looking forward to working with him in future.

by Jay McCormack on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham
Championship: Roadsport

Scott has been excellent for me as a race instructor, helping to secure second in the Caterham Academy Championship in 2016 and this year second again in the highly competitive Caterham Roadsport Championship.
If you want to improve lap times I highly recommend using Scott.

by barry moore on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham 310r
Championship: Caterham championship 310r

I have used Scott for the last couple of seasons of racing and I have found him to be very professional in he's approach. Because of he's knowledge and understanding of the way I drive I gained 3 podium in 2016 and I would highly recommend him.

by Toby Clowes on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham Academy
Championship: Academy

Scott of Race-Coach is brilliant. He has brought me on leaps and bounds during my first year of racing. Scott's USP is his ability to very simply explain what you need to be doing, he breaks it down yet is extremely thorough. The most helpful tool he uses are aerial images of the circuit so that he can explain, lines, breaking points ect, an excellent reference for learning, on top of car data. I thoroughly recommend Scott, furthermore, he is a lovely chap.

by Alec Haydon on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham
Championship: Academy & Roadsport

Scott Gillam is an excellent choice for the novice because he offers clear explanations of what the driver should be trying to achieve, and manages to remain patient even if the same things need to be said again and again until they are learned. He has a strong sense of whether a driver understands what he is doing and offers constructive suggestions which invariably improve technique and laptimes. He has helped me enormously and I will always try to book his services before trying a track for the first time

by Rob on Race-Coach
Car: Porsche GT3RS

I Booked a day with Scott after sitting with him for a couple of sessions on a Goldtrack trackday. I was so impressed with the improvements made during those sessions, I was interested to see how much I could learn in a whole day. To begin with we spent some time learning the circuit as I had not been to Donington before, then moving on to looking further into my driving technique. I now have a much better understanding of my car and how to get the best out of it, feeling much safer and in control at the same time. I would not hesitate to book Scott for further training

by Richard Hardie on Race-Coach
Car: Radical SR4
Championship: Bikesports

My race partner and I are quite new to racing and have had tuition from other coaches in the past, however, the teaching given by Scott really did knock massive amounts off our lap times, its really all about confidence and Scott is able to build confidence in the pupil due to his vast experience. Having the intercom so that he is able to converse and give instructions 'live' as it happens is a real bonus and it was interesting that lap times with Scott in the car were better than when by ourselves when with less weight to carry we should have been quicker!

by Rick Potter on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham Supersport
Championship: SigMax

Scott brings a huge wealth of experience not just as a racing driver but as a coach of racing drivers. He is able to adapt his coaching style to suit the needs of each individual and give you the confidence to push the car and yourself to the limi

by Tim Rowbottom on Race-Coach
Car: Caterham Supersport
Championship: SigMax

Confidence plays a big part in being able to drive a circuit to the best of your abilities. Scotts style and experience has helped to build my confidence in the car and my abilities improving my lap times significantly

by Clive Greenhalgh on Race-Coach
Championship: Circuito Mike G Guadix

Scott Gillam has worked with a selection of VIP clients at Guadix over the last few years,both as an instructor and a video data log specialist. All of our clients were delighted with Scotts contribution,and found the video data logging extremely helpful,and his simple but effective way of explaining lap improvement's.The clients without exception request Scott for future events,and we can highly recommend him.

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