The main target during driver coaching is to help the driver to lap a circuit faster and more consistently with a greater level of skill and understanding.

To this aim I would look at some or all of the following:

Driver Comfort

Driving Position

Pedal Position

Driver Technique


Braking Techniques

Gearchange Technique

Steering Input

Throttle Application

Effects of Weight Transfer

Understanding Vehicle Dynamics

Advanced Techniques (Heel & Toe, Trail Braking etc)

Adverse Condition Techniques

Car Control


Circuit Specific

Circuit Layout

Racing Lines

Reference Points

Use of Kerbs

Wet Lines


Qualifying Techniques

Startline procedure

Identifying Overtaking Opportunities

Defensive Driving

The format of the day would generally be 15 - 20 minute in car sessions followed by a debrief and analysis of the video vbox data.

As vehicle dynamics change dramatically with a passenger on board, once a level of understanding has been reached we will move to alternating sessions of in car coaching and solo lapping, this allows a driver to practice the techniques on their own and also get a good feeling of how the car behaves under normal racing circumstances. I will then get back into the car and we can refine the techniques further.